Friday, December 21, 2007

My real real lucky week

I am soooooo happy!! i meant 'happy' with a capital H!! my swimming coach said i am ready to use pyjamas and soon take my exams!!! ya, no biggie, telling you a secret! DON'T tell daddy, his birthdate is on the 23 of Dec, that is TOMMOROW!!! the 3 of us, mummy, Sherry& me are going to buy him a big christmas cake that cost an amount that can be divided by 3.that means it's from us,right?? then, we'll put the candles behind a character toy, that's him! just kidding!We met ALL of our maternal cousins within 3 days,Thursday,Friday & Saturday(today)! Rayden(1st),Eagan(2nd)& Dyan(3rd).Anyway gotta go now, talk to you soon!!!:D